General application form

Please read following before filling up or submitting application:

By accessing, filling or submitting application, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of Quick Pro Personnel Ltd, in its entirety. If you disagree you may not use or access this website.

Social Insurance Number (SIN) is required and used for employment placement and payroll purposes only. However, you have the right to NOT provide it at this time until a later date through an intake appointment at our office. It will be kept strictly confidential in our payroll records.

Please read and by submitting your application you agreed upon it,

“I hereby authorize Quick Pro Personnel Ltd to contact any of my former or current employers and also,  any of my former or current employers to furnish their records of my service,  reason of leaving their employment, or any other information concerning me. I also, release Quick Pro Personnel Ltd or clients from any liability for damage whatsoever for issuing these. I allow Quick Pro Personnel Ltd, employers or clients to perform or investigate my background and or reference checks. I also understand misrepresentation, falsification or omission of information or facts may result in my rejection or dismissal. I also certify that all statements are, to the best of my knowledge are true and I am responsible”.

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